“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

Thank you and welcome to my website!

You can’t believe how proud and happy I am to present you my website and my services. I hope all the content I created answered your questions and made you feel understood and cared for.

Please don’t hesitate to suggest any edits or things you’d like to see more of.

It’s been a little while now that I have my practice and I felt the need to make my services available for everyone who needs it. It’s important for you, and for me.

Before taking the decistion to work with a life coach, I think it’s important to understand how  the person works, what are the keys skills and what he/she brings to the table that will truly benefit you. You will find all those valuable information here under.

“The most beautiful thing you can give to someone else, is your happiness.” Ester Hicks

First thing first:

here is what I wish for you :

  • A life full of energy, joy and good laughs.
  • Take time for you… Only for YOURSELF!
  • Pay attention to give some rest to the multi-tasks Superwoman in you, She needs to find balance too!
  • Shine bright as far as you can.
  • Have dreams that gets realized.
  • That you discover your full potential (professional and personal) .
  • That you find answers to your questions and worries that keeps you awake at night (even when Baby finally sleeps 8 hours in a row!)
  • Discover or improve your knowledge for relaxation techniques, stress mamangement tools, emotion mamangement tools, EFT,…
  • To have a great confidence in your secret business concept that you’ve been dreaming of for years without finding the strenghts to share it with the world.
  • To love your like as much as you can, cause time goes fast and I don’t want to see you stuck on old wounds or limiting beliefs.
  • To believe in you and your worth, cause you are GOLD!
  • To overcome the common fear that we all have, at some point in our life, as woman and/or mother: “I am not enough”.

My certifications:

Louvain School Of Management

Graduated in 2007

International Coach Academy

Certified in 2017 as professional coach, self counsciousness and personal imporvement.

Voice Dialogue

Trained in 2016

eCornell University

T. Colin Campbell, Center for Nutrition Studies,
Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition en 2017

Emotional Freedom Techniques. level 1 and 2,

Bangkok 2018.

Member of EFT International



Gaëlle is a fantastic coach! Her questions always help me to focus on what I really want and how to go about accomplishing it. With Gaëlle’s help and support, I’ve been able to confront limiting beliefs, set goals that are in line with my values, and adopt new habits that support my long-term vision. I highly recommend Gaëlle to anyone who is serious about creating a more balanced and fulfilling life.”— Kirsten, Business Strategist and Counselor, UK.

“You can feel that Gaelle is passionate about her work as career and life coach. She personally helped me to get me back on track and talking to her gave me a boost to fight for myself. Her insight and experience made me view life in a new positive perspective. She helped me focus and prioritize, and I look at problems differently. Her coaching is the start of my new journey.” —Dorothée, Account Manager, Belgium.

«It was really a great pleasure to work with Gaelle. Gaelle was listening actively and was really able to get what I was saying or not. I was feeling very comfortable because she gave me room to express myself, to share about specific concerns/patterns that I was not aware before.. She also brought very valuable insights that helped me to move forward. “Gaelle, you are a very effective coach and I liked very much working with you!” —  Anne, Amsterdam

“Gaelle is a successful self-starter truly passionate about her project and people. She helped me when I was looking for a new job, by using unique ways to determine what were my assets and my capabilities to best describe myself accordingly. On top of being a great and highly skilled coach, she also is an amazing human being! As a career and life coach, Gaelle earns my highest recommendation.” —Clara, Digital Marketing and Communication manager, Thailand.

« I really enjoyed working with Gaëlle. Her calm, her way of explaining things clearly and her kindness allowed me to open myself and discover the blocks I had that were restraining me from moving forward. She helped me overcome those in a really short time. I got out from the session feeling at peace and empowered to work on my blocage on my own when I need it. Thank you Gaëlle . »—Emilie, Luxembourg.

« I called upon Gaëlle while I was living a difficult situation in my relationship with my husband. Gaelle helped me see the situation more clearly and moved away emotional blocks (and negative self-talk) that I was experiencing that were producing fears and anxiety. I was in a viscious circle with repeating patterns, and she helped me getting out of it quickly. I currently feel serene and confident about my life. » —Jennifer, Toronto.

What does it mean?

  1. My active listening skills, what has been said and not said. To help you feel understood, guided, and challenged when needed.
  2. A safe space to share what you have deep inside yourself, without feeling judged and with complete confidentiality.
  3. A framework and lots of resources to move forward in your life and find your calling.
  4. Tools to gain clarity, increase your self confidence and releasing your limiting beliefs.
  5. Exercices and materials to help you move forward and help with self-reflection between our sessions.
  6. My expertise and my knowledge in recruitment, career coaching, how to handle life transitions and how to thrive while living abroad.

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