How to start an exercise routine?

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Rohn

What do you think successful people have in common? They have high standards for themselves and they establish rituals that serve them to produce these outstanding results. They have discipline and that makes them strong. Every day, they have certain habits helping them to face the challenging job, decisions they have. I will go more in-depth about the rituals these people are having, let’s talk here about how to change your habits.

Think about one habit you would like to start doing. For example, you want to start exercise, here is an easy pathway to make it happens:

1. Find your Why?

Think about why is it important for you to make that change? Write down all the reasons. Once you find a reason, you can even challenge it by asking ourselves again why. Example: I want to start exercise.

Why 1: To lose weight.  Ok, why?

Why 2: Because I want to look good and feel more energetic. Ok, why?

Why 3: Because I feel down at work, I don’t have enough energy and I noticed I don’t have an excellent mood during the day when I overeat. Ok, why?

Why 4: I have a future promotion coming and I know I need to be on top of my performance to make it happen!

See? Understand your why is crucial to leverage your motivation and don’t stay on the surface, understand your real needs.

2. Think about the BENEFITS.

What would be the benefits for you to change? Let’s think about all the advantages that this new habits will bring you:

  • More energy
  • Better feeling in my body
  • Feel more confident
  • Better mood
  • More attractive
  • More self-confident
  • More productive at work

See, already a nice list!

3. What are your GOALS?

To make sure you know where you are going, you need to know where you want to go first!

What are your goals?

Feeling more energetic and loosing weight is a bit too vague. Be more concrete:

Assess your current level of energy on a scale from 0 to 10. Let’s say it’s a 5/10, what’s your goals? It’s 8/10.

Ok, then be precise, how you would know you are at 8/10, describe what an 8 looks like:

  • Easy to get up in the morning
  • Have peak energy during the day
  • Feeling high on energy after lunch

We have a bit more tangible results here.


Visualisation will help you see yourself achieving this goal and imagine yourself during the process of doing it.

If you can picture and imagine this achievement in your head, it means you can achieve it in reality! Once it’s possible in your mind, it’s possible in the world!

Also, to help you leverage your motivation, FEEL the satisfaction inside your body. Feel what it feels like to be in the skin of this new person once you achieve your goals. Anchor it in your body.

Visualize the process to achieve your goals as well. See all the efforts you will need to make, see yourself having some more difficult times but overcome them and continue.

 Set what you are going to do (plan 10 minutes workout/day)

5. Make a ROUTINE

Decide on an easy routine or plan. The less decision you need to make, the better it is. Decide what’s going to happen because, at the moment, you don’t want your feelings to get it the way.

Let’s guide you with the example of the exercising, and ask yourself these questions:


Define a specific time in your agenda or moment during the day: I want to exercise before the shower => Plan it in your agenda as a meeting.


Define already what’s going to happen (have you set off, so you just have to do it). I will do 3X 5 times reps of breathing and then plank for 1minute.

What do you need to support you?

My sportswear to be ready the day before, my iPhone with some good music and a mat.

6. Start SMALL

“Think big Start small”

You might have a big goal in your mind and that’s just amazing. Sometimes, it’s also scary and overwhelming because it looks too far from your reality so we don’t even know how to go there and it stays a big goal without action.

Think about this: a baby doesn’t think about himself as a person who needs to talk, walk in 6 months time. He just makes such a baby step in between that will allow him to reach this big goal and he is happy with it along the way, but he still wants more so he continues…

It’s the same for you, all these baby steps you are going to take one after the other will help you to reach your big goals! It’s better to start small and maintain along the way than start too big and quid because it’s too much.

Illustration baby step…

Now I want to think about this:

 “Start small but big enough”

You want to start small so that you can put yourself into the action but big enough, so it challenged you, motivates you and put yourself out of your comfort zone. This is where the magic happens!

Repeat and repeat it and once you are feeling at ease, go for the next babystep who is yet challenging!

You are now ready to get started!!! Let’s go! You rock!