“Become the happiest person that you know”


What I share with you:


You are exhausted, you are juggling with your Mommy duties and your work commitments. You are constantly running between work, family duties and social activities.

You are managing a ton of responsibilities but you are left feeling drained and forget to take time for yourself. You are on your last nerves, you lack sleep and get upset more frequently that you’d like. Your brain never stops thinking, and sometimes you hold negative thoughts.

You are getting by day-by-day, but within yourself you wish that things would be easier and smoother, and would like to find yourself like you were “before”.

Imagine: To be calm, serene, and positive again. To have a technique that you master that helps you find peace within in a minute, to feel good and balanced. Imagine to find yourself again and be stressfree.

I want to feel relaxed

You left your work in your home country to follow your spouse’s dream. You focus all your attention to your family’s well-being. You are frustrated to finanically depend on your husband. This makes you feel insecure.

The more time goes by, the more you start doubting your abilities to find a job that you like. You keep thinking about ideas, but you are not taking any actions to move forward.

Imagine : To work side-by-side with a professional coach to help you gain self-confidence, believe in your potential and reconnect to your dreams. Imagine realizing your secret professional project tailored to you, by you or finding a perfect job while living abroad. Imagine taking action to develop yourself. To regain that feeling of joy to be professionally accomplished and financially secure to thrive, feel aligned and happy.

Becoming myself

You’ve experienced big changes in your life and you’re slightly finding your balance again. But some days are good, some not. Even then, you always show up for your family and forget to take time for yourself. You try to stay positive but within you, you aren’t feeling your best. You feel stuck in your situation and have a hard time to create the changes that you need to. You don’t want to bother your friends and family, so you don’t share your struggles and keep everything for yourself. You question yourselft: “Am I the only one in the situation?”

Imagine :  Having a trustworthy person to talk to, someone with whom you can share your deepest struggles without judgment or fear. Imagine to feel understood, supported, encouraged and less lonely. Imagine having the tools to quickly experience calm and serenity when you need it the most. Someone who is there for you  and helps you feel better. Imagine you could feel happier and lighter.

I realign

You feel stressed, your nerves are wracked.You always expect the worst and you are controlling every little details in your life. When everything goes well, you are still worrying. And those constant thoughts are exhausting.

Maybe you are living abroad and you lonely being away from friends and family. You are drained from this situation and wish to find peace.

Imagine: To feel understood and supported by a professional coach who has been through the same experience as you and create the tools you need. Imagine feeling at peace and being able to let go of the little things. Imagine getting rid of that negative circle and being able to enjoy every moment of your life. To take time for yourself and honour your own needs. To find balance as a new mom and have all the tools you need to feel relaxed and full of confidence everywhere you go.

I take care of myself