“When you change the way you look at things, things that you look at change”

Dr. Wayne Dyer
For who?

For a positive outlook on life!

You are a super mom and you have experienced major changes in your life: you became a mother, you moved abroad, you became an entrepreneur, you or one of your family members faced a disease, you have encountered difficulties in your relationship or other challenges along the way.

You are not alone mama, I hear you, I’ve been there myself and I’m going to help you.

You are probably in a stage where you have to keep up with everything and just continue along because you have to be strong for your family. You are the type of woman who is strong so you HAVE to continue, right?

Yes!  Deep down you know that you would like to make a change and improve your life but, all on your own, it’s kind of difficult to process all your thoughts and ideas. Furthermore, to decide how to move forward or know how to make a change, it’s hard.

Talking to a friend and reading self-help books are helping but you want a REAL SHIFT, something BIG to liberate you and get you UNSTUCK .

You know THERE IS MORE for you, that you are not suppose to stay or be like that.

You would like a professional who will help you to ask you “the good questions”, who has  experience and the knowledge to take your hands and guide you somewhere other than where you are now.

You need guidance, a shift and I’m going to help you!

« After the birth of my daughter, I was really happy, for sure, but also sad. I was experiencing anxiety and stress. Thanks to Gaëlle, I’ve understood I was experiencing “post-partum anxiety”. I have been listened, supported and helped. We’ve done EFT and it worked amazingly. After each session, I was feeling relaxed and refreshed, Thanks Gaëlle. » Jade, Bangkok.

Is it scary? Exciting? Yes!

It just depends on how you look at things!

If you are fed up with your  self-doubt, worries, sadness, being unsure and you would like to feel at peace, centered, self-confident and experience joy and happiness, then look no further.

You are not here on this page by accident so act now.

Thanks to this program you will:

  • Get unstuck from your situation
  • Free yourself from your emotional baggage
  • Clear yourself from negative patterns
  • Gain clarity and alignment
  • Feel relaxed and at peace
  • Feel free, lighter and grateful
  • Experience gratitude and joy
  • Feel energised and happier

What I’m offering you:

  • Have a trustworthy person on your side to talk to, someone with whom you can share your deepest struggles without judgment or fear.
  • To feel understood, supported and encouraged
  • Have the tools to quickly experience calm and serenity when you need it the most.
  • Shift your energy, tap into your true resource and so transform your life
  • Breaking through moments, helping you to be your true self
  • A sense of trust, alignment and self-confidence

As soon as we will start working together:

You will have a technique to stay positive, day after day and as a result of all these changes, you will attract more positive things in your life.

This package includes

  • 5 private 1-hour coaching sessions. Face-to-face or via Skype

  • My coaching and full support to help you mentally, be your resource and help you along the way.

  • The teaching of a technique to turn your negative emotions into positive ones.

  • 8 Videos with powerful lessons on how to shift your mindset and perspective

  • 3 meditations to help you relax, free yourself from emotional blockages

  • 1 Crystal to support you on the day-to-day

  • 2 books on personal development specifically chosen for you



Package 1 - I Shine

CAD305for 3 months
  • Total of CAD 915
  • Payment via Paypal after confirmation