“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

For the expatriate’s moms who need a boost in their career.

You left your work in your home country to follow your spouse’s dream. Those last months or years, you’ve focused all your attention to your family’s well-being?

Even if you’ve stayed really active, you are frustrated that you don’t have your own project or work that allowed you to have some sorts of income. This makes you feel insecure. The more time goes by, the more you start doubting your abilities to find a job that you like. You keep thinking about ideas, but you are not taking any actions to move forward.

  • To work side-by-side with a professional coach to help you gain self-confidence, believe in your potential and reconnect to your dreams.

  • Imagine realizing your secret professional project tailored to you, by you or finding a perfect job while living abroad.

  • Imagine taking action to develop yourself. To regain that feeling of joy to be professionally accomplished and financially secure to thrive, feel aligned and happy.

« Gaëlle is a successful self-starter truly passionate about her project and people. She helped me when I was looking for a new job, by using unique ways to determine what were my assets and my capabilities to best describe myself accordingly. On top of being a great and highly skilled coach, she also is an amazing human being! As a career and life coach, Gaelle earns my highest recommendation.» Laetitia, Bangkok.

Your situation:

  • You are a mom, you are living abroad, you left your home country to follow your spouse’s career opportunity.

  • You’ve focused all your attention and time to the well-being of your family, and now your are ready to think about yourself and your career.

  • You wish to find your true calling, the reason why you are on earth.

  • You have plenty of ideas but to organize them, it’s complicated; because you live abroad and don’t know all the rules yet, and you also have a lot of restrictions with your responisbilities, and that makes you feel insecure, uncertain about the path to follow.

  • It matters a lot to you to accomplish yourself in a career and to feel financially independent.You want to meet the Business-Woman in you again! You’ve missed her!

  • As simply as it gets, you’d just want to feel accomplished.

Your challenges:

  • You feel stuck because you don’t know where to start
  • You wonder which choice you should take: Keep working in the same field, becoming an entrepreneur, start a new training… ?
  • You have been thinking about launching a new project, but you’re not sure you’d really want to do it.
  • You can’t seem to find the answers you are looking for by yourself
  • You are doubting about your capabilities and you lost your confidence
  • You’ve almost launched your project but your doubts and insecurities are keeping you from moving to the next steps.
  • You feel you need to work with someone who can make you progress efficiently

The results:

  • You’ll be reconnected to yourself and your true desires and dreams
  • You’ll be reconnected with your needs
  • You’ll know your life mission and why you are on earth!
  • You’ll have actions plans and a map to get to your goals
  • You’ll be full of confidence in yourself and in your abilities
  • You’ll be free of the judgments of others and your limiting beliefs, so you’ll dare to do the things that you dream.
  • You’ll develop a winning mentality to let you reach your goals and objectives
  • You’ll develop your organizational skills to handle smoothly your time between private life and professional life
  • You’ll feel yourself again, blossomed and happy to manage perfectly your new life.

This package includes:

  • 7 ‘1h30’ coaching sessions, face-to-face or via Skype

  • One personality quizz to better understand you and define your needs to help you create your project.

  • One Quizz on your strengths to focus on your talents.

  • One detailed chart with your skills, talents, and what motivates you to boost your confidence everyday of your life

  • The clear definition of your professionnal project

  • The creation of an action plan with short, middle and long term goals for your professional project.

  • The definition of the financial worth of your services (your price lists) or the negotiation of your salary.

  • The teachings of a technique to convert your negative emotions into positive ones.

  • The creation of a balanced schedule between your family life, some personal ME-TIME and your professional project.

  • 3 meditations to help you relax, realize your dreams and free you from emotional blockages

  • 1 Crystal to support you on the day-to-day

  • 2 books on personal development specifically chosen for you

  • My listening skills, my support and my coaching, in peace and without judgment, to allow you to have someone whom you can trust in, and feel supported in your life.




$18999for 5 months
  • Total of 949.99 €
  • Payment via Paypal after confirmation