“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

I want more !

You are a super mom, loving taking care of your child (or children) and you are so devoted to their well-being AND you would like MORE from your life and for your life.

You’ve lost yourself in motherhood, you would love to feel fulfilled and find your purpose. You want to impact the world and make a difference.  You feel a calling to serve the world, to do something that has meaning for you, something fullfing your soul. You would like to feel aligned and you would like to thrive in your life, professionally and as a mother.  As simple as it is : You want to feel accomplished!

The days are passing by and soon months, years and you have realised one part of your identity is gone. You have been giving so much energy into your family and haven’t taken any time for you, as a working woman. You would love to feel confident, recognised for your work and feel complete.

You are happy in your life but you know you could be thriving! Sometimes you catch yourself feeling resentful and frustrated about your situation and you know that changes must come from you and within you. You know your happiness is depending on you, as neither your child or your husband will give it to you.

It’s up to you to make a shift, get yourself unstuck and you would like the guidance of a professional. Someone who will be able to help you find your purpose, connect you to your mission and empower you so you will have the courage to live it.

«You can feel that Gaelle is passionate about her work as career and life coach. She personally helped me to get me back on track and talking to her gave me a boost to fight for myself. Her insights and experience made me view life in a new positive perspective. She helped me focus and prioritize, and I look at problems differently. Her coaching is the start of my new journey.” Dorothée, Belgique.

Is it scary? Exciting? Yes!

It just depends on how you look at things!

If you are fed up with your  self-doubt, worries, sadness, being unsure and you would like to feel at peace, centered, self-confident and experience joy and happiness, then look no further.

You are not here on this page by accident so act now.

Thanks to this program you will:

  •  Work side-by-side with a professional coach to help you gain self-confidence, believe in your potential and reconnect to your dreams.
  •  Find your path, what you are here for, naturally
  •  Move forward with a project that matches your values, your qualities with your passions
  •  Feel aligned and happy as a woman and mother.
  •  Dare to claim your space, to take time for you with no guilt
  •  Organize yourself and your weeks to have more time for your activities
  •  Feel free, lighter, grateful, more energetic and happier
  •  Feel relaxed, at peace, stress-free from your future and ready to enjoy your life, again
  •  Have simple technique to stay positive, day after day
  •  As a result of all these changes, you will attract more positive things in your life
Package I want more by Gaelle Bovy

What I’m offering you:

  • Have a trustworthy person on your side to talk to, someone with whom you can share your deepest struggles without judgment or fear.
  • To feel understood, supported and encouraged
  • Have the tools to quickly experience calm and serenity when you need it the most.
  • Shift your energy, tap into your true resource and so transform your life
  • Breaking through moments, helping you to be your true self
  • A sense of trust, alignment and self-confidence

As soon as we will start working together:

You will have a technique to stay positive, day after day and as a result of all these changes, you will attract more positive things in your life.

This package includes

  • 7 private 1-hour coaching sessions. Face-to-face or via Skype

  • One personality questionnaire to better understand you

  • One questionnaire on your strengths to focus on your talents

  • One detailed chart with your skills, talents, and what motivates you to boost your confidence everyday of your life

  • The clear definition of your project

  • A roadmap to guide you

  • The definition of the financial worth of your services

  • The teaching of a technique to convert your negative emotions into positive ones.

  • Know how to manifest your dream life

  • The creation of a balanced schedule between your family life, some personal ME-TIME and your professional project

  • 7 Videos helping you to shift your mindset and perspective

  • 3 meditations to help you relax, free yourself from emotional blockages

  • 1 Crystal to support you on the day-to-day

  • 2 books on personal development specifically chosen for you

  • My listening skills, support, coaching and my 10 years expertise in people development



Package 2 - I Want More

CAD250for 5 months
  • Total of CAD 1250 or 875 Euros
  • Payment via Paypal after confirmation