“Take care of yourself to be able to take care of others. Give from a full bucket and not an empty one.”

Gaelle Bovy

For the moms with one or more young children who need to feel supported.

You feel stressed, your nerves are wracked.

You always expect the worst and you are controlling every little details in your life.

When everything goes well, you are still worrying.

And those constant thoughts are exhausting.

  • To feel understood and supported by a professional coach who has been through the same experience as you and create the tools you need.

  • Feeling at peace and being able to let go of the little things.

  • Getting rid of that negative circle and being able to enjoy every moment of your life.

  • To take time for yourself and honour your own needs.

  • To find balance as a new mom and have all the tools you need to feel relaxed and full of confidence everywhere you go.

  • Having tools to feel relax and confident in yourself everywhere you go.

“You can feel that Gaelle is passionate about her work as career and life coach. She personally helped me to get me back on track and talking to her gave me a boost to fight for myself. Her insight and experience made me view life in a new positive perspective. She helped me focus and prioritize, and I look at problems differently. Her coaching is the start of my new journey.” Dorothée, Belgique.

Your situation:

  • You are a young mom and it is the most beautiful thing that happened to you. You are fulfilled with love to and from your child(ren), but being a mom is also one the hardest task in the world.

  • You feel anxious and stressed (scared of the wrong-doing, scared that something might happen to your child, scare to impact him negatively,…), you are always on alert.

  • You are running everywhere to fullfill the tasks of the day (work, laundry, groceries, meals,…) the TODO list never stops and you don’t know when you’ll have a break.

  • Maybe you are living abroad and you feel lonely being away from friends and family. You are drained from this situation and wish to find peace and comfort from your relatives.

  • You need to find new landmarks and a balance between your new role as a mom, your love life and your career.

  • You still feel pretty emotional and sad at times

  • You feel you have to to talk it out, share everything you need without feeling judged

  • You need a trusted person who will understand and support you

  • You want solutions for your well-being and how to take care of yourself

  • You desire to be supported, that you are taken cared of and you have a safe space just for YOU.

Your challenges:

  • You are stressed, anxious, and you don’t know how to regulate those emotions
  • You feel ups and downs and it impacts your life and your relatives
  • You don’t know where to start to feel better. You’ve already tried to be more positive, but it isn’t enough.

The results:

  • You’ll feel relax and aligned
  • You’ll appreciate your life and will be in a positive flow constantly
  • You’ll have more confidence in yourself and in your life
  • You’ll learn how to overcome your fears, your sadness and your guilty-feelings
  • You’ll enjoy life to the fullest and will be grateful for time with your family
  • You’ll feel supported and understood
  • You’ll take time to take care of yourself!

This package includes:

  • 4 ‘1h30’ coaching sessions, face-2-face or via Skype

  • The learning/teaching of a method to turn your negative emotions in positive ones.

  • The creation of a balanced schedule between your family life, some personal ME-TIME and your professional project.

  • 2 meditations to help you relax, realize your dreams and free you from emotional blockages

  • 1 Crystal to support you on the day-to-day

  • 2 books on personal development specifically chosen for you

  • My listening skills, my support and my coaching, in peace and without judgment, to allow you to have someone whom you can trust in, and feel supported in your life.



Package 4 - I take care of myself

$27499for 2 months
  • Total of $ 549.99
  • Payment via Paypal after confirmation